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Just like most entrepreneurs in the hospitality business, restaurateurs have now caught on the cloud craze and are now jumping ship from traditional to mobile POS. Their reasons? Easy, real time access to data through compact mobile devices; fewer hassles when it comes to technical issues, better productivity and faster processing of transactions. With cloud-based POS systems becoming more sophisticated and encompassing in terms of capabilities, many entrepreneurs are thinking that the cloud might just be the future of all restaurant POS.

There are restaurant owners who choose to access their cloud POS on Web-based mobile gadgets like tablets and smartphones, but there are those who are a bit more conservative and opt for an in-store terminal. Only the terminal remains in the restaurant – all other hardware are eliminated, since data is hosted securely off-site.

This is perhaps one of the notable features of a cloud-based POS: it offers better flexibility for business owners and allows them to enjoy the benefits of the cloud while keeping in line their personal preferences and business needs.

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Mixed and full cloud-based solutions

While majority of cloud POS providers offer full-on cloud-based POS solutions, there are also providers that offer back-end servers to relay data to the cloud. A reason for this is that there are restaurant owners who are not too comfortable with the idea of not having a physical backup system. Of course this is not at all necessary, since all cloud POS services can resort to a 4G source and other backup solutions if  wireless connections go down. Data in such case is stored automatically in the system and can be accessed in standalone mode until wireless internet resumes.

Those who have opted for 100 percent cloud report that such setup delivers greater functionality. The Franklin Restaurant Group in Massachusetts claims to process roughly 2,000 transactions daily without problems using only a 100 percent cloud on iPad system.

This functionality benefits restaurant owners with multiple branches, as data from all locations are synced off-site and can be accessed by the owner anytime he wishes.

Further, a 100 percent cloud system eliminates the hassles of having to track technical aspects of mixed solutions. Hence, employees can work on other important responsibilities and restaurant owners can concentrate solely on their business. Mixt Greens CEO David Silverglade notes that his staff used to allot up to five hours weekly prior to going cloud-based, and the system helped get rid of technical problems for the company

With cloud-based solutions becoming a more trusted option for restaurant owners for their businesses, it’s not impossible to see a future where restaurants operate on 100 percent cloud systems via smart devices, eliminating lengthy lines and long checkout time. Already there are restaurants that allow customers to order items through their mobile phones, and servers noting poolside orders using tablet PCs. With greater support from restaurant owners and wider acceptance from patrons, we can expect the food and beverage business going 100 percent mobile in the years to come.

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